Funerals and Memorial Services

Planning a funeral is one of the most difficult things many of us will have to do. Whether you have found my website or been referred to me by a Funeral Director I know that our meeting will come at a difficult time.

When planning a funeral there are many choices available which include your own ideas and philosophies, but often people aren’t aware that they can have  input into the ceremony. Many funerals feel sad and sombre but they can also feel positive, celebratory, and uplifting if that is your wish.

Depending on where you are based I can visit you in person or we can speak over the phone, Skype, or email. We will discuss your wishes and ideas to create the most appropriate ceremony for your loved one. I will work with you to create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that remembers the life was lived, not just the death that has happened.

If you, your family, or your friends would like to give a reading, write a poem, play some music or pay a personal tribute I will work with you to find the best way to do so. We all have our own ways of saying goodbye and I welcome your involvement and ideas.

In death, just as in life, each of us is different and unique. Together we are able to create a ceremony that will help you mourn your loss in the way that you wish. I hope you will find comfort in working with me as I honour the person who has died in a fitting tribute to their memory.